Programs and Info

Programs and Info


The fundamental difference between us and other child care is our philosophy. As Christians, we want to share the love of God with everyone. This love allows us to care for your children as we would our own.

Yet, our faith is so much more! We want to share our love of God with the children, teaching them about Jesus and the Bible.

We strive to create an environment in which your child will be able to grow spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically.

This is done with an individually based curriculum to allow growth at a personal pace better. Combining this with free choice and group activities helps to build the child as an individual as well as building crucial social skills.


All staff are up to date and certified in their respective fields through the state level, ensuring the quality of care. Additionally:

          [All staff are CPR and First Aid certified]

          [All staff are Arizona State fingerprinted and CPS background checked]

          [Certified care for diabetics is available]





After School care


Our curriculum is based on a proven teaching method approved by the state licensing commission.

Children can learn much more if they can explore the world around them properly.

This early development organizes how the child will think and approach problems throughout their life.

Our Bible teaching is based on the truth revealed in the Bible.  Of course, we deal only with the basics, such as all things are created by a Creator. That loving one another is a way of life and how we view the world we live in.

We also teach praying to God through Jesus, His Son. A children’s Bible is given to each child that graduates.

By creating a firm foundation, the child is better prepared for the future.